inciting & broketronica present :: 2010 Philly Laptop Battle

November 1st, 2010

2010 Philly Laptop Battle flyer

In November, witness the triumphant return of the 2010 Philly Laptop Battle!

Ten electronic musicians square off in a three-round competition where they’re judged on production quality, live performance elements and crowd response. The Laptop Battle had become a Philly tradition that brings out the best in the city’s rich pool of talent.


:: Lalilulelo
:: Ditchdigger
:: Solution
:: Seanicus
:: Steven Wolfe
:: Oxygenstar
:: Speaker for the Dead
:: Infamous DJ Gitano
:: Pixel8ter
:: At Work


:: Nintariman AKA Michael Henderson – Winner of the 2004 Philly Laptop Battle
:: Joe Lentini – Winner of the 2009 Philly Laptop Battle
:: Justin Gibbon – inciting founder

Dan Trevitt

Ableton : d16 : Hercules : Native Instruments
Mackie : M-Audio : AudioDamage : Electricbaby
PureMagnetik : FabFilter : Soy Clothing : uTonic

WHEN: Friday, November 18th, 2010, 9PM – 2AM
WHERE: Northstar Bar, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia PA
COST: $10

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June 2010 – Broketronica 4 Year Anniversary Podcast

August 9th, 2010

The Podcast for the June 2010 four year anniversary installment of Broketronica is (finally) available! The anniversary performance features live sets from Radere, Jason Carr, MAD, and a DJ set from Ingo Vogelmann. Unfortunately, due to technical issues (ahem, Windows XP), not all the sets were captured in their entirety. With review at some point in the future, the possibility of recovering live set from Attentat & Morgan Packard exists. From what we do have, the content is available in various formats:

iTunes website: Click Here
iTunes: Podcast (or search the iTunes store for ‘Broketronica’)
RSS: XML/Atom Feed

You can alternatively listen to the most recent live sets at the Broketronica Live site. Broketronica Live is an archive site containing Podcasts, photos, and videos from past Broketronica events.

June Audio: Podcasts @ Broketronica Live

Stay tuned!

Broketronica 4 Year Anniversary – 06/19/2010 @ LAVA

May 19th, 2010

Broketronica 4 Year Anniversary

Four Years of Broketronica – Presented by Rizumu & Broketronica

After four short years, we find ourselves very excited to team up with our Rizumu friends and present an evening of exceptional music. The four year anniversary event features a dual performance by Morgan Packard & visualist Joshue Ott, Ingo Vogelmann, Attentat, Radere, Zooz, and Broketronica residents MAD & Jason Carr.

When: Saturday, June 19th, 2010 / 10pm – 6am
Where: LAVA / 4134 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19143 / Google Maps
Price: $10 / BYO
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MySpace Event:

Morgan Packard and Joshue Ott

Morgan Packard began studying electronic music after deciding that jazz music, his first love, was not the only cool music in the world. Not wanting to be restricted to the confines of other peoples’ music, he decided to learn how to build his own music software. Programming his own tools allowed him to create sounds that no one else could make, and finally his own voice was shining through. In 2007, his first solo album released on Manhattan based Anticipate records, “Airships Fill the Sky” perked up ears around the world and put Morgan on the electronic music map as people began flying him around the world to perform. His sound is characterized by constantly shifting textures, a minimalist approach to rhythm, unconventional use of traditional acoustic instruments, and a sensitivity to melody and harmony. While his music is influenced by dub techno, ambient, and other established styles, it is best understood on its own terms, rather than through the lens of genre.
 Morgan often works closely with visualist / programmer Joshue Ott and who challenged him to make even better music software. Together, Morgan and Joshue designed Thicket, an app for the iPhone, which is totally cool and available on the Apple App Store. Morgan’s second full-length album, Moment Again Elsewhere is forthcoming on Anticipate Recordings.

Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo was born and raised in the early 70’s in Germany’s famous Ruhr Area. He was introduced to making music by his brother in the early age of seven, inspired by the progressive Rock and first-step electronic music of this time. He got in touch with several instruments but he was mostly fascinated by playing the drums, going on to study them classically. In 1993 his first dance music production found its way into the clubs. He has put the needle on vinyl in some of Europe’s famous clubs, always driving the crowd crazy. He established himself as an influential figure in the field of progressive dance music as both a DJ and a producer. He began to blur the lines between DJing and live performance engineering. On-the-fly remixes and compositions are just some of the capabilities of this new performance method. Nowadays, Ingo currently resides in Western Germany’s Ruhr Area – very countryside, near his birthplace. He spins regularly on friskyRadio with his own shows LIGHTWORKS and TIME OUT. He still serves international clubs with his breathtaking epically long sets as a demanded Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House or even Ambient/Chillout DJ. When he’s not touring, he spends an inordinate amount of time in his studio working on his countless projects.


Attentat is the moniker of Thomas Kamholz, a Denver based DJ/Producer/Promoter. As a DJ he has played some of the more respected events and venues the United States offers, including multiple appearances at The Bunker in New York, and an appearance at the Decibel Festival in Seattle. As an early member of the Boulder based new art and media organization Communikey, and more recently, founder of a hot new monthly techno event in Denver, Make Mistakes, Attentat has shown himself to be an integral part of the techno scene as it matures in Colorado. As a producer, Attentat has released on such labels as Dope Recordings, Wolf + Lamb, and Geometricdeck. Specific rhythmic arrangements and an emphasis on space between sounds in the artist’s music are influenced by his background in drumming. As a dj, Attentat strives to keep the dancefloor moving through murky baselines and dark and moody synths.


Radere is the nom du plume of Carl Ritger, a Philadelphia-based writer and sound artist. Inspired by the notions of stasis and chance, he has been exploring the fusion of acoustic sound sources and digital production techniques since 2003. Largely shunning synthesis in favor of heavily processed organic loops, Ritger’s aesthetic aims to strike a delicate balance between densely textured washes of sound and subtle rhythmic structures. His full-length debut – A Process In The Weather Of The Heart – was recently issued through Full Spectrum Records, while more works are scheduled for release later in the year via Hibernate Records and Install Sound.


Dominic, who hails from the sticky and lethargic deep South, now calls the lovely Philadelphia, PA ‘home sweet home.’ He’s been lost in synthesizing sounds and field recording since 2004. Currently under the moniker zooz, Dominic is experimenting with live performance. Through his unique take on minimalist techno; thats derived from squeezing and processing the tonal possibilities of found sound and machines, he finds soul that not only moves the body, but also the mind.

MAD AKA Mark A DeCheser

Mark DeCheser has been making music in various forms since 1987. His first venture into music was from behind a drumset. During his teenage years, his musical stylings included punk, progressive rock, alt rock and fusion jazz. Numerous musical efforts during this period included performances with such Philly greats as Chuck Treece and Elliot Levin. After 1993, Mark took a break from performance to study jazz guitar, studying under students of John Coltrane and Andres Segovia. He performed in numerous jazz groups during his college years. He continued studying jazz until 1999, when he dropped out of music school to ride the dot-com wave into New York City. While living in NYC, Mark turned his attention away from traditional music performance to focus on audio production. He composed and produced electronic music under the name DJ Average, fusing his progressive rock, jazz and electronic music influences to produce sound for new media. He worked with musicians in New York such as Chris Burke AKA Glomag, Shelly Watson and Dave Grey amongst many others. After 9/11, Mark moved back to the Philly area and started producing electronic and ambient music under the project name Leafblower. Both members of Leafblower, along with Jason Carr, joined forces to create Broketronica. Though Leafblower eventually disbanded, Mark continued to host Broketronica with Jason Carr. He changed his performance name to MAD, producing glitchy, aggressive dubstep and tight ambient techno, amongst many other genres across the electronic music spectrum. Mark currently resides in Philadelphia, where he works as a unix systems administrator and producing music in his free time.

Jason Carr

Jason Carr, born and raised in Detroit, now lives in Philadelphia where he’s been an active and integral element of the electronic music scene throughout the city since 2004 (affiliations include Inciting, Broketronica, Rizumu). He is a pianist/keyboardist, composer, theorist, DJ and laptop performer. His influences include Motown, techno, hip hop, Western classical, jazz and improvisational performance. His live performances imply many different modes within the dance music genre; he’s shared the bill with artists from all over the globe, including: Move D, Par Grindvik, Eats Tapes, Derek Plaslaiko, Geoff White, Terrence Dixon, Dietrich Schoenemann, Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon, DJ Nehpets, David Last, Starkey, Po Po and more.

April 2010 Broketronica Podcast & Media Gallery

April 12th, 2010

The Podcast for April’s installment of Broketronica is available! This month’s Podcast features a hardware live pa set by hair_loss as well as laptop live pa sets by Speaker for the Dead and Nintariman. The Podcast also features DJ sets by Infamous DJ Gitano and Jason Carr. The content is available in various formats:

iTunes website: Click Here
iTunes: Podcast (or search the iTunes store for ‘Broketronica’)
RSS: XML/Atom Feed

You can alternatively listen to the most recent live sets at the Broketronica Live site. Broketronica Live is an archive site containing Podcasts, photos, and videos from past Broketronica events.

April Audio: Podcasts @ Broketronica Live
April Photos: Photos @ Broketronica Live

Stay tuned!

Broketronica – 04/06/2010 @ The M-Room

March 18th, 2010

Broketronica 04/06/2010 @ The M-Room

Broketronica is Philly’s foremost monthly event designed to showcase live electronic musicians both new and established. April’s installment features artists Nintariman, Hair Loss, and Speaker for the Dead.

DJs: Broketronica residents Infamous DJ Gitano along with MAD & Jason Carr
Visuals: inciting/Broketronica resident Pandemix.

Hosted a The M-Room for welcoming us sight unseen.

When: Tuesday, April 6th 2010 – 8pm
Where: The M-Room: 15 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19123
Door: $5
Event on Facebook: Click Here

March Broketronica Podcast & Media Gallery

March 13th, 2010

The Podcast for March’s installment of Broketronica is now available. This month’s Podcast features live PA sets by At Work and Budgy as well as DJ sets by Jason Carr, MAD, and Tantrum Tonic AKA John Schenk. The content is available in various formats:

iTunes website: Click Here
iTunes: Podcast (or search the iTunes store for ‘Broketronica’)
RSS: XML/Atom Feed

You can alternatively listen to the most recent live sets at the Broketronica Live site. Broketronica Live is an archive site containing Podcasts, photos, and videos from past Broketronica events.

March Audio: Podcasts @ Broketronica Live
March Photos: Photos @ Broketronica Live
March Videos: Videos @ Broketronica Live

Check out the video of Pandemix doing live collaborative visuals.

Stay tuned! More content coming next month.

Broketronica – 03/09/2010 @ The M-Room

February 10th, 2010

Broketronica 03/09/2010 @ The M-Room

Broketronica returns triumphantly to the rich fabric of Philly’s electronic music culture. March’s installment features artists Budgy, At Work, and Tantrum Tonic & Friends.

DJs: Broketronica residents Jason Carr & MAD.
Visuals: Broketronica resident Pandemix.

Many thanks to The M-Room for welcoming us sight unseen.

When: Tuesday, March 9th 2010 – 9pm
Where: The M-Room: 15 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19123
Door: $5
Event on Facebook: Click Here

New Site

February 7th, 2010

Greetings. I’ve changed the format of the Broketronica web site so that event updates can be performed more efficiently and information is more easily syndicated. The WordPress theme is still under development, so expect some appearance changes in the next several weeks.